The Africus Monolith, or New Rock, or TMA-0, is a monolith in Africa,[1][2] on Earth, in 2001: A Space Odyssey.

New RockEdit

The Africus monolith is a rectangular slab standing fifteen feet high,[1] that was placed on the continent of Africa, on Earth, some millions of years ago by the “monolith aliens”. The monolith was discovered by man-apes during the Pleistocene.[1] It is featured as “New Rock” in the introduction of Kubrick and Clarke’s 2001 project.[2]

2001: A Space OdysseyEdit



The Africus monolith served as a catalyst for the evolution of intelligence. It was first discovered by Moonwatcher and his tribe of man-apes, who considered it to be a “New Rock”. The monolith appears to probe their minds, and by some unseen force, instigates their intellectual capability. It disappears after three days.

TMA-0 Edit

Theres no such thing as TMA-0


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