Dr. Andrei Smyslov was a Soviet rocket scientist in 2001.

In the Film

Dr. Smyslov and his colleagues ran into Dr. Heywood Floyd during his layover on Space Station V on his way up to Clavius Base. Dr. Floyd sat down with Smyslov and Floyd's old friend, Elena. During their brief chat, Smyslov tried to coax Floyd into revealing the great atmosphere of mystery surrounding Clavius, stating that no one could contact the base for the past ten days. Also, a Soviet rocket bus was denied an emergency landing at Clavius. Smyslov also brought up the TMA-1 cover story, asking that "quite a serious epidemic has broken out at Clavius. Is this indeed what has happened?". Heywood simply stated that he was not at liberty to discuss this, and refused to say anything else. Dr. Smyslov offered him a drink, perhaps thinking that getting him drunk would coax him into telling, but Floyd saw for the better, and refused all drinks that were offered him.

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