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Marion Floyd[]

Mrs. Floyd, Marion was the first wife of Heywood Floyd mentioned in Arthur C. Clarke’s novel, 2010: Odyssey Two. They have one daughter together, being born in 1993. Marion Floyd sadly died in an aircraft accident c. 2000 on flight 452 London-Washington, going down in the sea, off Newfoundland.[1] Marion, although not mentioned by name, appears to be alive at the time when Heywood Floyd was on a birthday video-call with his 6 year old daughter in 1999, in Arthur C. Clarke’s 2001: A Space Odyssey.

Squirt (Daughter)[]

Squirt is Floyd's firstborn child. Her mother is Marion Floyd. She was born in 1993.  Her real name is unknown as Squirt is likely just a nickname given to her by her family.

Her only appearance to date is in the film 2001 a space odyssey when Floyd is making a call to home hoping to speak to his wife Marion, but instead Squirt picks up the call, he discusses with his her about her upcoming birthday and explains that he is busy hence will be unavailable to make it to her birthday party, however he does ask her what she will like for her birthday to which she originally says a telephone but when reminded that they already have plenty of telephones at home she then changes it to bush baby showing her affection for animals After this he asks Squirt to tell her mother that he has already called and the next day he will call again before wishing her a good birthday and birthday party.

She is not seen again but is actually mentioned in the sequel film 2010 The Year We Make Contact in the scene when Floyd talks to Kirbuk about his family back home. He mentions his daughter who is now 17 and is studying abroad as well as his 5 year old son Christopher.

Caroline Floyd[]

Mrs. Floyd, Caroline is the second wife of Heywood Floyd in Arthur C. Clarke’s 2010: Odyssey Two and its film adaption. They get married c. 2002, after the death of his first wife. Caroline is a Marine Biologist and they have one son together, Christopher Floyd.[1]

Heywood had met Caroline, one month after being appointed Chancellor of the University of Hawaii. They were watching the fire fountains of Kilauea with a crowd of tourists at the time they met. They have a twenty-year age difference between the two. Caroline is described as a good step-mother.[1]

Being a family of a daughter, from the prior marriage, and having one son together, they occupy the Chancellor's residence. The home was built by a Marine Geologist for the acting Chancellor of the University of Hawaii. It’s built right on the edge of the Pacific Ocean, with an enclosure that allows for egress into the body of water. The dolphins routinely visit the dining room every evening. The family experienced a bad tsunami in 2005, which caused them to vacate the premises for a time.[1]

Caroline is in her early thirties before Heywood leaves for the Jupiter Mission.[1] She is worried when Heywood decides to go on the second mission to Jupiter, fearing that what happened to Discovery might happen to him. They ultimately divorce after Heywood Floyd’s return from the Leonov.

Christopher Floyd[]

Christopher Floyd is the son of Heywood Floyd and Caroline Floyd in Arthur C. Clarke’s 2010: Odyssey Two and its film adaption. He is also mentioned in 2061: Odyssey Three who became estranged from his son, Christopher II.

Chris floyd

Christopher Floyd II[]

Christopher Floyd II is the son of Christopher Floyd, and grandson of Heywood Floyd.

By 2061, Chris Floyd had been alienated from his father. He becomes a crewman aboard the Galaxy spacecraft which crash lands on Europa. Heywood, abord sister ship Universe, must take part in that ship's transit to save the crew of Galaxy.