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The Jupiter Mission is a joint Russian/American mission to the Jovian system in Arthur C. Clarke’s 2010: Odyssey Two and 1984 film adaption.

2010: Odyssey Two[]

The Jupiter Mission was led by a joint Russian/American flight crew aboard the Leonov, on a two and a half year long journey to the Jovian system. The commander of the ship is Captain Tanya Kirbuk Orlova. The mission objectives that she recieved were as follows:[1]

1. To proceed to the Jovian system and rendezvous with US Spacecraft Discovery (UNCOS 01/283).

2. To board this spacecraft, and obtain all possible information relating to its earlier mission.

3. To reactivate Spacecraft Discovery's onboard systems and, if propellant supplies are adequate, inject the ship into an Earth-returns trajectory.

4. To locate the alien artifact encountered by Discovery, and to investigate it to the maximum extent possible by remote sensors.

5. If it seems advisable, and Mission Control concurs, to rendezvous with this object for closer inspection.

6. To carry out a survey of Jupiter and its satellites, as far as this is compatible with the above objectives.