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The Moon Rocket Bus[note 1] (MRB) or Rocket Bus is a fictitious transportation vehicle, on Earth's moon, which appears in the film 2001: A Space Odyssey.[1] Sometimes called a moonbus, the vehicle is a small, low altitude rocket craft meant to be used for quick transportation of passengers and cargo above the surface of the Moon.[2][3] Dr. Heywood Floyd took this mode of transportation, from the Clavius Base to the Tycho excavation, to investigate the TMA-1 monolith in 1999.



2001 A Space Odyssey - Inside the MRB


Lawrence Miller’s Moonbus Lunar Transport specs


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Image from World of 2001 3.1


  1. Moon Rocket Bus is the official canon name for the lunar transport that Heywood Floyd took to Tycho. The term Wikipedia uses, “Moonbus” is not canon.


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