The National Council of Astronautics (NCA) is a fictitious United States space agency in Arthur C. Clarke’s 2010: Odyssey Two and 1984 film adaption.

2010 odysseyEdit

The NCA is headquartered at Pennsylvania Avenue, Washington, USA.[1]

As problems persisted with the Discovery mission, the NCA came into effect, absorbing the United States Astronautics Agency (USAA) prior to December 9, 2001.[note 1] Heywood Floyd’s position with the former USAA, grandfathered him in as Chairman of the NCA. As the Council took control over active US space programs, measures were taken to force Floyd out of his position as Chairman.[2] The NCA accepts Floyd’s resignation,[3] and Victor Millson succeeds him as Chairman.[4][2]

Two notable missions of the NCA, was (1) the transporting of the TMA-1 to Earth after extraction c. 2000-1,[5] and (2) the joint effort in the Soviet/USA mission to Jupiter (2007-2010).[note 2]


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  2. In 2010: The Year We Make Contact, Heywood Floyd had 4 months to prep for flight, on a two and a half year long journey (totaling three years before/or into 2010)— 2010 Screenplay, pp. 22-23
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