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The United States Astronautics Agency (USAA) is a fictitious United States space agency in Arthur C. Clarke’s 2001: A Space Odyssey and in the film adaption.

2001: A Space Odyssey[]

The USAA served as the United States space agency up until the end of the Discovery mission. It was absorbed by the NCA, the National Council of Astronautics no later than November 2001. After the loss of Discovery, the NCA was in full control of the US space program going into the third millennium.

After Skylab had fell to Earth in 1979, NASA was dissolved[1] by the eighties and the USAA took over all US space programs. They built the largest substructure bases on Earth's moon and developed Project Jupiter as early as 1993.


A major feat of the USAA, was the establishment of the largest moonbase on Earth's moon by 1994, located in the Clavius crater. The Clavius Base was in charge of excavations of the TMA-1 monolith in the Tycho crater, just north of Clavius. The USA extracted the monolith from the moon around the beginning of the 2000s, likely under the new NCA with Heywood Floyd as acting Chairman.

Project Jupiter[]

Around 1993, Project Jupiter was being developed by the USAA. This involved construction of the Discovery. Its mission was to be the first manned round trip to Jupiter. The program ran for five years before its first launch about the turn of 1999. Discovery’s spacetravel would take a little over two years to get to the Jovian planet.[2] As the Discovery mission was spinning out of control in 2001, the USAA was dissolved and absorbed by the NCA (National Council of Astronautics) as early as November 2001.[note 1]


  1. One of the first known NCA reports was dated December 9, 2001 by Heywood Floyd, who gave his NCA Discovery Mission Report seen in 2010: The Year We Make Contact.