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Vira was a cavewoman trying to survive a male-dominate primitive world.

The starving Vira wandered into a "ritual cave", reserved for the storage of enemy skulls, where she was confronted by an angry tribe of cavemen returning from the hunt, but managed to drive them off with a flaming skull on a stick. Retreating from the angry males, Vira climbed to "fire" mountain to search for the "Stone-Spirit" (in reality, a Monolith) and begs for help. Its advice inspires Vira to dress up in a costume made of bones in the guise of a "She-Demon" and used fear to dominate the other cavemen, creating the world's first government.

Vira leader

Vira, the first Head of State


  • 2001: A Space Odyssey #2 (January 1977)